Modifying HTML Output - Custom Stylesheets

Sep 14, 2009 at 4:24 PM
Edited Sep 14, 2009 at 4:25 PM

I am trying to convince our company to use the Class Designer for Visual Studio 2008 with PowerToys add-in as the tool to generate our class diagram documentation required by our customer.  Right now, we use Rational Rose and inevitably, our documentation in Rose gets outdated to the latest and greatest source code.  Having the class diagrams right in Visual Studio helps prevent that.

The problem is that our current class diagram documentation is like the following:

1) First, show a picture of class diagram with classes, public methods, public data members, and anything that is public and thus shared between classes.  Class Designer can do this fine.

2) Next, provide text giving name of class and then summary description of the class.

3) Next, provide text listing each method with the summary description of that method, including description of each parameter/argument.

4) Finally, provide text listing of each data member with summary description of each.

So, I'm assuming I can do this by creating my own stylesheet, is that correct?  I found that I could show the XML tags within the class diagrams but given the number of classes and methods, the diagram could get very busy and too difficult to view.  I'd like the diagram to not contain any of the descriptions rather just link to a later section that provides details on that data member or method as described in items 2-4 above.

Are there any examples or sample stylesheets I can use that can get this generated for me?  I don't even need a link from the diagram to the text.  I simply need to replicate at least what we provide now as means of describing how this can replace our current tool.  Is stylesheet the way I implement this solution or do I need to download and modify the PowerToys extension project itself?  Please advise.  Thanks.